Is 0x (ZRX) Dead… or a Sleeping Giant?

First of all, what even is 0x?

Why does the ZRX token even exist?

  • Pay fees to the Relayers — those who create a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange using 0x protocol
  • For the decentralized governance of the protocol
  • Liquidity rewards system; liquidity providers (and tokenholders) are rewarded in proportion to how much ZRX they stake on the protocol

What are 0x’s tokenomics?

Why would I choose 0x over Uniswap?

Is a DEX interface a feature or a product?

  • $9 billion in total volume traded on 0x protocol in 2020 (up 3,216% YoY)
  • 0x API volume hit a weekly all-time high of $1.24 billion
  • 1781.96 ETH (worth ~$1.93 million USD at time of publication) distributed to 0x market makers as liquidity rewards in 2020

Technical Analysis

Weekly Chart

Daily Chart

Price Target: $26.00 — $52.00 (currently $0.66)

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